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Shatrunjaya Hills in gujarat

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Shatrunjaya Hills always comes to mind when discussing Jain Temples in India. The location, which is 164 feet above sea level, is revered to Jains all around the world.

There are 865 temples in total on the holy hill, and pilgrims must ascend 3750 stone stairs to get there.

Shatrunjaya, which means "Place of Victory" in English, is a haven of tranquilly that may be found in the Indian state of Gujarat.

The temples atop this hill are arranged into enclosures and are thought to have been constructed more than 900 years ago.

A major temple is in the centre, while smaller ones are positioned all around it. The holy day of Kartik Purnima sees a particularly heavy congregation at the temple.

This day is significant because it marks the conclusion of a four-month spiritual retreat and period of material self-denial. It's called Chaturmas.

The founder of Jainism, Adinath, is said by Jain followers to have meditated here under the tree. Here, Adinath is seen facing the four cardinal directions.

The main entrance is to the left and is called Ram Pole. You may see breathtaking views of the Gulf of Cambay to the right.

It's interesting to note that this temple complex also houses the shrine of Angar Pir, a Muslim saint. According to history, this saint defended the temples from Mughal assault.

The Chaumukhji Tonk, which is on your right, has the four-faced temple that dates back to 1618. The Adinath Temple is the most significant temple in this area.

Temple It is essential to visit this amazing temple because of the intricate carvings on it. -------

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