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Detroit Lakes Polar Fest 2023

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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At the Detroit Lakes Polar Fest, there are numerous outdoor activities, as well as food stalls and a spectacular snow castle

The highlight of this winter's big show will be a strolling tour of the City Park's lights and sculptures.

Every year in mid-February, Polar Fest features a plunge and pyrotechnics on the Saturday night of Presidents Day weekend.

In 1996, Erika Johnson, the previous proprietor of Lakeside Tavern, founded Polar Fest. -------------------

She adored winter and wished there had been a celebration of it outside her restaurant and beside the lake.

Coincidentally, Ron Zeman, a former Develop DL board member, heard about individuals leaping into a hole in the lake to raise money for a cause around the same time.

The "Polar Fest Plunge" was created when he presented that concept to the Boys & Girls Club.  ---------------------------

Polar Fest continued until 2002, when a lack of funding forced it to focus only on its main event "the Polar Plunge".

A gang of passionate winter enthusiasts got together in 2005 to revitalise and warm up Polar Fest. ------------------------

Since then, Polar Fest has persisted, with the Polar Fest Plunge into Little Detroit Lake serving as its signature activity.

Numerous other activities are available, such as dancing in the sand, arctic explorer presentations, and golfing on the lake.

The addition of fireworks on the final Saturday night in 2008 has made it one of the winter festival's highlights.

To ensure that you don't miss the upcoming Polar Fest in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota in February, mark your calendar right away.


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