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Detailed description of the Phelps Lake

By Malvika Kashyap

July 8, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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In the U.S. state of Wyoming, near Grand Teton National Park, is Phelps Lake. At Death Canyon's entrance in the southern part of the park, there is a natural lake.

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Near the lake, there are several hiking paths, with the most well-known being a 1.8-mile roundtrip climb to the Phelps Lake overlook.


You will pass through sagebrush plains, a mixed forest of aspens and lodgepole pines, and a rocky shoreline on this fairly difficult loop trip with well regarded views.

The Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve lot, accessible from Moose-Wilson Road, has parking spaces for hikers. You can either travel north from Teton Village or south from Moose to get there.

A park pass or the $35 admission charge are necessary because this climb is located within the park. Don't forget to have your ID on hand to show the ranger at the admission station.

Hike the Phelps Lake Loop either clockwise or counterclockwise to the northeastern shore to reach the Jumping Rock from the loop route (about 3 or 4 miles from the trailhead).

Depending on the water level, you can see a rock rising about 20 feet off the coast. Both residents and tourists frequent this swimming hole to cool down on hot days.

Keep in mind that Phelps Lake is a glacier lake with frequently sub-40°F water temperatures.  Your brain and body may be shocked by abrupt immersion, so plunge carefully & alongside others for safety

Typically, the best months to go on this hike are May through September. Winter travel is feasible if the roads are clear and you're willing to brave the snow.

The ideal place to store bear spray is in a pocket, hip belt, or backpack. Though I hope you won't need it, this is grizzly bear territory.


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