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The 10 Best Zoos in the U.S.

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Planning your next vacation around the top zoos in the United States is a terrific place to start. Here are the top 10 best zoos in the usa.

10. Zoo Miami It covers more than 300 acres and is Florida's biggest zoo. Their Florida species in Animals of the Everglades are their most distinctive display.

9. Henry Doorly Zoo In Omaha, Nebraska, there are just under 1,000 distinct types of animals at the Henry Doorly Zoo. There are exhibits on Asia, Africa, and the South Pole at the zoo.

8. Denver Zoo Seeing exotic creatures from over the world there is incredible. One of the most well-liked and ethical zoos in the country is the Denver Zoo.

7. Dallas Zoo It boasts a larger range of species despite being a smaller zoo than many others on our list. The walkways are all cool and well-shaded, which is essential in the Texas heat!

6. Columbus Zoo This zoo is quite engaging and fascinating, with over 10,000 species, and dozens of displays. In conjunction with admission packages, they provide boat & rail tours of the zoo.

5. Cincinnati Zoo The Cincinnati Zoo, the second-oldest zoo in the country and the most well-known in Ohio, has been entertaining tourists since 1875.

4. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Yet, the animals in the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo are not all native species. The zoo also has exhibits with animals from all the main continents.

3. Brookfield Zoo A similar large urban zoo exists. The iconic dinosaur display featuring mechanical dinosaurs and kid-friendly activities is only one of its many well-known exhibitions.

2. Bronx Zoo It contains more than 4,000 animals inside its boundaries and is situated on both sides of the Bronx River. One of the most adored sites in New York is the Bronx Zoo.

1. Audubon Zoo It features various exhibitions and around 2,000 species in its collection. One of the most well-liked exhibits has a wetland with creatures from the nearby bayou.

The best zoos are convenient for families of all sizes, contain a wide variety of animals, and are engaging for visitors of all ages. Happy Travel!


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