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Pavagadh Ropeway

By Santosh Salve

June 24, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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One of the most popular pilgrimage sites in Gujarat's vibrant state is the Mahakalika Temple in Pavagadh, which also draws leisure travellers.

Where is Pavagadh

It is located 822 metres above sea level. It's a well-liked destination for pilgrims as well as those tourists looking for adventure.

Popular place

To reach the temple, pilgrims can either climb 2000 stairs or an approximate 800-meter height, or they can just board one of Udan Khatola's cable cars.

Udan Khatola

The length of the ropeway is 763 metres, and every cabin is completely enclosed. Each cabin has enough for six people.

The sealed ropeway

The ropeway has improved the convenience of Mahakalika's "Darshan." Visitors can take in the surrounding hills and forests' magnificent splendour by riding the ropeway.

Scenic beauty of hills

By going to the Pavagadh Ropeway website, one can purchase tickets for the attraction. There are offline options for purchasing tickets.

Ticket booking

There are many time slots available for tickets and visitor cards. Customized day excursions are also available from providers like Pavagadh Ropeway Guide, Waiter, and Museum.

Customized day tours

The ideal lodging options are available close to the Pavagadh ropeway. There are many eateries and regional street foods in the neighbourhood as well.

Places to stay

commencing from Machi Haveli, the ropeway journey. Children and the elderly found it very simple to visit Kalika Mata Temple because they were unable to climb.


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