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10 Best Things to Do on Big Island, Hawai’i

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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All of the enticing, well-known activities that visitors to Hawaii like doing are available on Big Island. Lounges, trekking, waterfalls, beaches etc. Check out things to do on Big Island, Hawai’i

1. Explore Hilo on foot It is the largest city on the island and features lovely bays, orchid gardens, and lush green areas.

2. Helicopter Tour On a helicopter tour of the Big Island, see Kilauea's blazing lava streams and steam vents from above!

3. Akaka Falls State Park As amazing as the Akaka Falls, the majestic Kahuna Falls waterfall (400 feet plunge) is more difficult to get to.

4. Mauna Kea Beach Swimming with manta rays is among the most stunning and fascinating activities available at Kauna'oa Beach.

5. Pololu Valley One of the seven valleys that provides the most breathtaking views of the surrounding surroundings is Pololu Valley.

6. South Point Cliff Jump The height of the South Point Cliff Jump is approximately 40 feet. Swimming is dangerous at South Point.

7. Hiking Make sure you have sturdy, durable shoes on if you plan to enter the lava tube. ----------------

8. Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens The tropical rainforest is awash with trees and other plant life thanks to the garden's wonderful volcanic soil.

9. Watch Boiling Pots of Wailuku On the Wailuku River, Boiling Pots is one of Hawaii's most stunning and hazardous! Locations.

10. Visit Farmers Market There are enough marketplaces on the island to catch any of them open, even though farmers' markets are normally only open two days a week.

To experience all of Hawaii's beauties in a one day, the Big Island Circle Tour is a fantastic option. Happy Travel!


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