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10 Best Things To Do in Tulum

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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There are so many things to do in Tulum, it's little wonder that it has rapidly grown to become one of the world's most well-known tourist attractions.

1. Paddleboarding Explore the lagoon and paddle over the stunning, serene lake. This journey is appropriate for all levels of SUP users.

2. Sian Ka’an Biosphere In addition to some of Mexico's most pure water, it is a protected region with hundreds of kinds of plants and animals.

3. Coba Ruins Although the Tulum ruins are fantastic for their surroundings, you don't have to travel far to see a larger Mayan pyramid.

4. Playa Paraiso Tulum's beaches are the major draw for a reason, and Playa Paraiso is the nicest of the group.

5. Marvel at the Ruins From anyplace in the Yucatan, a trip here is a necessity, and it ranks highly among the best things to do in Playa del Carmen as well.

6. Rent a Daybed But if you are staying at one of the several resorts that own the oceanfront, Tulum's south beach might be challenging to reach despite its beauty.

7. Kitesurfing The fact that Tulum's beautiful beaches occasionally become a touch windy is one of its few minor downsides. It makes Tulum the ideal location to learn how to kitesurf.

8. Boutique Shops It is understandable why shopping is one of the most well-liked pastimes in Tulum. While Western pricing predominates here, just be prepared for sticker shock.

9. Cenote The most revitalizing activity in Tulum is swimming in a "cenote," a swimming hole created by subterranean waters carving into the limestone bedrock.

10. Ride a Bicycle Although there are many cabs that travel that route, renting bicycles and pedalling yourself around Tulum is enjoyable and inexpensive.

Plan ample amount of time for your trip to this lovely location because there are so many amazing things to do there. Happy Travel!


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