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10 Best Things To Do In Santa Monica, Ca

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Santa Monica is renowned for its sunny tourist attractions, restaurants, and bars. The top things to do in Santa Monica, California, are listed in this guide.

1. Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area There are numerous possibilities for enjoyable activities in this region. Visit a recreation area, go mountain biking, play sports, or ride a horse.

2. Santa Monica Farmers Market Regardless of the season, it is open every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Farmers Market also hosts various events.

3. Palisades Park It is a bluff-top park with the most breathtaking views of the coastline, and it is situated by the ocean between Ocean Avenue and the lovely beach.

4. Santa Monica Pier It is perhaps one of California's most famous places. The stunning Ferris wheel, which shines beautifully at night.

5. Santa Monica State Beach Here you can rent bikes, go to a picnic area, swim under lifeguard surveillance, take your kids to the playground, or book some items for water sports.

6. Museum of Flying It illustrates the evolution of technology in the aviation sector across time, charting changes, expansion, and progress.

7. Eat at Pono Burger In contrast to the typically oily, fatty burgers you'll find around California, Pono Burger offers something unique.

8. Camera Obscura One of the earliest optical devices known to man was the Camera Obscura, which is believed to have originated in ancient Greece.

9. Santa Monica Stairs Anybody climbing up or down the public walkway's more than 300 concrete and wood stairs would undoubtedly experience leg fatigue.

10. Tongva Park With enough events and sights to keep you busy without being overly demanding, this urban park has everything you could want for a fun and peaceful evening.

I hope this list has assisted you in selecting your top options for things to do in one of the nicest cities in California!  Happy Travel!


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