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10 Best Things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Beautiful beaches with smooth sand and a wide variety of cultural activities may be found in San Juan, the capital city. Check out the things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1. Visit Old San Juan The streets of Old San Juan are windows into the past, displaying over 500 years of history, with ancient forts and Spanish colonial buildings.

2. El Morro The fort, often referred to as El Morro, is impressively poised above the sea on a point, guarding the entrance to San Juan Bay.

3. Fort San Cristóbal The largest fort the Spanish ever constructed in the New World, San Cristobal is larger than El Morro.

4. San Juan Cemetery This cemetery stands out for its elaborate grave markers, monuments, and Mary Magdalene-themed Neoclassical church with a crimson dome.

5. San Juan Cathedral One of the oldest churches in the Americas and one of the oldest structures in San Juan is the San Juan Cathedral, which was first constructed in 1540.

6. Condado and Ocean Park Beach The spotless white sand beach is particularly well-liked by residents. There are no amenities or restrooms available here.

7. La Fortaleza Two invaders inhabited it: the Earl of Cumberland in 1598 and Dutch General Bowdoin Hendrick in 1625, after a fire destroyed the structure.

8. San Jose Church This church is smaller than the San Juan Cathedral and has a more understated front, but its vaulted interior gives it a spacious feeling.

9. Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art This museum, which was founded in 1984, is where you can see the creations of Puerto Rico's top contemporary artists.

10. Plaza las Americas The place to go for some retail therapy or to pick up items that were left at home or misplaced at the airport is this contemporary indoor shopping center.

For accommodations close to main sights and Old San Juan's cobblestone streets, we suggest Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, Decanter Hotel, and CasaBlanca Hotel.


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