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10 Best Things to Do in San Jose del Cabo

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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San Jose del Cabo is a vibrant city with a lot of historical significance, as well as cafes, boutiques, and art galleries. Check out the things to do in San Jose del Cabo.

1. Visit Playa Palmilla One of Baja's most stunning beaches, Playa Palmilla also happens to be suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

2. Plaza Mijares Anyone wishing to obtain a sense of the layout of San Jose del Cabo's historic district should start here.

3. Gallery District A grid of cobblestone lanes, ancient low-rise buildings, canopies of vibrant, flapping flags, and art galleries make up Gallery District

4. Go to Costa Azul Costa Azul would be one of the greatest spots to stay in San Jose del Cabo if you wanted to be near the beach.

5. Visit Bird Sanctuary Beyond its beaches and historical sites, San Jose del Cabo is a haven for those who love the outdoors.

6. Plaza Artesanos More than 75 sellers sell everything from clothing and furniture to pottery and jewelry in the Plaza Artesanos.

7. Flora Farms This one-of-a-kind eating experience is held on the farm grounds beneath a spacious pergola and is bordered by dense foliage, pastures, and ponds.

8. Join Cabo Adventures on a Tour A tour operator that provides deluxe sailing cruise and an exhilarating camel ride are two of its favorite excursions.

9. Cabo San Lucas San Jose del Cabo offers one style, whereas Cabo San Lucas has its own spirit and vibe.

10. Los Barriles One of these communities is Los Barriles, which is unquestionably worthwhile for a visit. La Palmas Bay is well known for its powdery beaches.

Along with its historic structures, San Jose del Cabo is renowned for its entertainment, culture, and the arts. I hope you've enjoyed reading.


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