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10 Best Things to Do in Prague

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Prague is one of the world's architectural wonders due to its beautiful vistas of its gorgeous domed cathedrals and soaring Gothic towers. Learn things to do in Prague in this guide.

1. Watch Prague Castle It takes a long time to visit this enormous stronghold, which is the biggest castle complex in the world, but it's worth to visit this place.

2. Walk aroung Charles Bridge The majestic Charles Bridge, one of Europe's most well-known historic bridges, with 32 distinct areas of interest spread out along its 621-meter length.

3. Visit National Museum The National Museum in Prague is dispersed across many locations and is home to a number of significant collections that span many different subjects.

4. Go to St. Vitus Cathedral The largest and most significant Christian church in the Czech Republic is the Roman Catholic St. Vitus Cathedral, which is located on the Prague Castle grounds.

5. Prague Zoo It was first opened in 1931, is not only one of the top tourist destinations in the city but also one of the top zoological parks in the entire globe.

6. Strahov Monastery and Library Although its majestic entryways and cathedrals are stunning, its two exquisitely designed Baroque libraries are the most significant structures.

7. Lennon Wall The Lennon Wall in Prague has been there since the 1980s as a memorial to former Beatle and peace activist John Lennon, and it's perhaps one of the city's most surprising attractions.

8. Kampa Island The shores of Kampa Island provide some of the greatest views of Prague due to its location.

9. Astronomical Clock It comes to life every hour as the 12 Apostles and other characters appear and move in a procession across the clock display.

10. National Gallery in Prague Some of Europe's most significant art collections may be seen in the National Gallery in Prague (Národn galerie v Praze).

The ideal neighborhood to stay in if you're visiting Prague for the first time and want to see the city's greatest attractions is Prague 1. Happy Travel!


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