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10 Best Things To Do In Park City, Utah

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Park City, which is south of Salt Lake City, is largely recognised as a skiing resort. We have recommended the best things to do in Park City, Utah.

1. Visit Utah Olympic Park It was created especially for the 2002 Winter Olympics, and has grown to become one of Park City's greatest and finest attractions.

2. Eat at Freshie’s Lobster Every day, fresh fish is flown in from Maine, enabling them to serve an almost tropical meal even in the midst of a mountain snowstorm.

3. Red Pine Adventures It is a location that provides "two types of horsepower" in the form of summer equestrian rides and winter snowmobile rides.

4. Rockport State Park It takes approximately 20 minutes to get there from Park City and is named after the reservoir it surrounds, is well worth the extra petrol money.

5. Park City Yoga Adventures Park City Yoga Adventures, one of the first companies of its type, mixes yoga lessons with breathtaking outdoor adventures.

6. Park City Mountain Resort It is one of Park City's two main ski areas, and several contests took place there during the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002.

7. Park City Nursery The gardens are open for sightseeing all year long, which is ideal for those who can't visit during the planting season.

8. Exclusive Excursions By enabling you to design your own unique tour of Park City and the surrounding areas, it takes the idea quite literally.

9. Park City Ice Arena The facility provides ice skating for all ages and skill levels, including total novices, and is built around an Olympic-sized rink.

10. Park City Museum The city has seen several historical changes since its founding in 1981, including its emergence as a mining town and its development as a ski resort.

If you're searching for a holiday spot where you can dine, ski, shop, or careen erratically on a zipline hung between trees, Park City is the place for you.


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