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10 Best Things to Do in Panama

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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The compact country of Panama is home to a wide variety of landscapes, intriguing communities, and a wide range of holiday options. Check out the things to do in Panama.

1. Sunset Coast The Sunset Coast is a remote region with small villages, expansive beaches, and a sparse collection of resorts and inns where you may escape the tourist crowds.

2. Boquete Boquete, a town in the mountains, has a great climate and is a great place to get away from the occasionally stifling heat of the coast and lower regions.

3. Casco Viejo View vibrant structures, ancient ruin sites, and stunning vistas of the water towards the sparkling towers of contemporary Panama City.

4. San Blas Islands A vacation to the San Blas Islands may be the answer if you really want to get off the beaten path and experience a little adventure.

5. Santa Catalina Santa Catalina is one of the premier surfing locations in Panama along the Pacific Coast. This little, developing town has a chill, surfer vibe about it.

6. Los Cangilones A lively atmosphere with music, grills, and food stands can be found here. Families from all around Panama travel to splash and dive into the cold river water.

7. Punta Chame One of Panama's most beautiful beaches, Punta Chame is also the greatest spot in the nation for kiteboarding.

8. Playa Coronado Playa Coronado is the ideal location if all you want to do in Panama is kick back on the beach and unwind in luxury.

9. Rent a Car You may simply rent a car in Panama City if you want to take a driving trip around Panama. Instead of the airport, establishments in the city often offer greater prices.

10. Beaches of Bocas Del Toro With many youthful tourists visiting the region and, in some cases, remaining for months or years, the mood is incredibly laid back.

A contemporary city with restaurants, shopping, and a variety of sights and things to do can be found in Panama City.  Happy Travel!


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