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10 Best Things to Do in Ojai, California

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Around 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles, in a golden, oak-filled valley, Ojai provides a tranquil retreat. Check out these best things to do in Ojai, California.

1. Visit Ojai Olive Oil Company One of the best things to do in Ojai, especially for foodies, is to sample the delicious liquid gold at the farm of the Ojai Olive Oil Company.

2. Ojai Valley Inn There is nothing more romantic than curling up in a posh room at the Ojai Valley Hotel if you're seeking for things to do in Ojai.

3. Rose Valley Falls Trail Ojai has several stunning treks, surrounded by rippling peaks, rough valleys, and old oaks.

4. Libbey Park Are you trying to find a family-friendly restaurant where the youngsters can also let off some steam? Visit Libbey Park with your picnic in hand.

5. Ojai Meadows Preserve It is the perfect place to go if you're in need of an inspiration boost and a fast getaway to nature.

6. Horseback Ride The rough terrain surrounding Ojai is ideal for horseback riding tours. No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are.

7. Krishnamurti Educational Center Are you looking for spiritual activities in Ojai? In the mountains above Ojai, go to the Krishnamurti Educational Center.

8. Meditation Mount You can sense the non-denominational center's purpose to spread compassion and harmony as soon as you arrive.

9. Ecotopia Hot Springs The pools range in temperature from a warm 100 degrees Fahrenheit to a variety of other temperatures. They are also said to possess unique healing abilities.

10. Ojai Certified Farmers' Market Here, you may discover these items as well as other delectable fruits and vegetables, farm-fresh organic veggies, and aromatic essential oils.

You will fall in love with this tranquil small village whether you want to spend your time relaxing in the hot springs or riding your horse through the beautiful countryside.


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