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6 Best Things to Do in Minnesota in Winter

By Adam Smith

Lake Guide Team

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If you are searching for the best things to do in Minnesota in Winter then you have landed to the right place. Read the complete guide to know more!

1. Play Ice Skating Frozen lake is a nice place to visit and play ice skating. If you are with family then you will enjoy doing this.

2. Explore an Art Museum Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts are two museums you can visit.

3. Visit the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory When you enter the Tropical Encounters exhibit, the long-forgotten feeling of humidity will make your skin react joyfully.

4. Attend a winter festival There might be some winter festivals going on when you visit Minnesota in winter.

5. Dog Sledding It is another exiting winter game that can be found in Minnesota. -------------------

6. Ice Fishing You can rent a shanty for the day to catch fishes in frozen lakes. ---------------------------

There are other activities like tasting local brews, building a bonfire, ice climbing are also the option to do in Minnesota in winter. Thanks for reading, share if you liked it!


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