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10 Best Things to Do in Lincoln, New Hampshire

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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You might not picture a traditional New England community when you think of Lincoln, New Hampshire. But there are many things to do in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

1. Flume Gorge The Flume Gorge, one of New Hampshire's most popular tourist destinations, is an 800-foot gorge created by flowing water from melting glaciers.

2. Whale's Tale Whale's Tale includes water play and thrills for all ages, making it a perennial kid favorite and a haven for people of all ages on a hot summer day.

3. Skiing Loon Mountain, one of the best ski areas in New Hampshire, spans three mountain peaks in the White Mountain National Forest.

4. Treetops at Alpine Adventures On trips with Alpine Adventures, three miles of ziplines propel thrill seekers to speeds of 75 mph, some as high as 100 feet above the forest floor.

5. Loon Mountain Gondola It is the longest scenic gondola ride in New Hampshire at 1.3 miles, and it provides access to expansive vistas of the western White Mountains.

6. The Basin As the glaciers retreated at the end of the last ice age, torrents of water flowing down this valley cut a circular lake known as The Basin out of the granite.

7. Bike Trails The bike park at Loon Mountain has trails for bikers of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros.

8. Gateway Visitor Center The interesting interactive exhibits at this location allow you to discover more about this enormous wilderness, its attractions, and its history.

9. Hobo Hills Adventure Park The 28-hole course is surrounded by grass & is landscaped with flowers & plants, rising to a mountaintop with waterfalls & a brook running at its foot.

10. Loon Adventure Center At the Loon Adventure Center, test your mettle on the largest outdoor climbing wall in the area or fly over the river on a zip line.

With the help of this list of the top things to do in Lincoln, New Hampshire, you can easily organize a family trip. Happy Travel!


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