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10 Best Things To Do In Lexington, Kentucky

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Lexington, the second-largest city in Kentucky, is home to some of the top horse travel attractions worldwide. Check out these 10 best things to do in Lexington, Kentucky.

1. Visit Keeneland It is a thoroughbred horse racing track that is accessible to the general public all year round.

2. Go to Raven Run Nature Sanctuary It has 734 acres of beautiful vegetation and is located serenely on the city of Lexington's southern outskirts.

3. Visit Aviation Museum of Kentucky The museum displays a wide variety of aircraft, from the unquestionably impressive F-4 Phantoms to the legendary Bell Cobra helicopters from the Vietnam War.

4. Hunt-Morgan House It was constructed for John Wesley Hunt, the first millionaire to reside to the west of the Alleghenies Mountain Range.

5. McConnell Springs The northern edges of Lexington are beautifully decorated by a flurry of untamed terrain and lush vegetation.

6. Headley-Whitney Museum Both Headley and Whitney created jewelry, and the museum is filled with examples of their creations.

7. West Sixth Brewing Another excellent Lexington brewhouse will serve as a reminder of the state of Kentucky's brewing sector.

8. Lexington Visitors Center Visitors may obtain a wealth of information and resources from visitor information specialists regarding sites, lodging, dining, and other topics.

9. Institute 193 It is a gallery of contemporary art that exhibits certain cutting-edge cultural and creative expressions in ways that speak to contemporary Lexington.

10. Jacobson Park Both travelers interested in sightseeing and residents of Lexington, Kentucky will enjoy this urban park.

Lexington is home to a variety of exciting and alluring locales, making it one of the most attractive destinations in the US.  Happy Travel!


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