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10 Best Things To Do In Corpus Christi

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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A charming coastal city overflowing with life, nature, beaches, and history, Corpus Christi—also known as the Sparkling City by the Sea. Check out things to do in Corpus Christi, TX.

1. Visit Padre Island National Seashore It is a barrier island that stretches over 70 miles without being built upon, and it has 130,000 acres of sand dunes, beaches, and grassland.

2. Texas State Aquarium Since 1995, this nonprofit organization has been displaying the amazing fauna of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

3. The USS Lexington It was a significant component in the 5th Fleet at Pearl Harbor, acting as a carrier for combat aircraft.

4. South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center It is a tiny, serene park that is firmly established among Corpus Christi's tourist attractions and is located about 15 miles from the city center.

5. Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge The steel through-arch bridge, which spans 620 feet and has a charmingly southern design, is built.

6. Eat at Snoopy’s Pier One of the greatest places in the city for seafood may be found at this straightforward locally owned restaurant.

7. Bob Hall Pier Take a leisurely stroll across Bob Hall Pier to breathe in Corpus Christi's salty, fresh ocean air.

8. North Beach You can't go wrong with North Beach if you're seeking some of the top tourism destinations in the United States.

9. Hurricane Alley Waterpark It is situated on Port Avenue and offers a tonne of options for things to do during its busiest season in the summer.

10. Worldwinds Windsurfing On your vacation, you may benefit from the powerful breezes that blow in from the Caribbean and the Sargasso Sea.

The splendor of Corpus Christi speaks for itself. Beautiful panoramic views of the beach and horizon are surrounded by a rich animal habitat.


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