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10 Best Things to Do in Boston with Kids

By Vanshika Navlani

Lake Guide Team

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We've compiled some of our favourite things to do in Boston with kids. So that you have a wonderful go-to list when you're searching for something to do.

1. Boston Museum of Science With a wealth of exhibitions and activities that will broaden your mind, it is a wonderful location for families with children.

2. Boston Children's Museum The Boston Children's Museum is packed with fun activities for kids to play and discover, especially for the younger crowd.

3. Martin's Park & Playground At the Fort Point Channel, Martin's Park offers a beautiful, welcoming play area with breathtaking sea views and breezes.

4. Swan Boat Ride A swan boat ride in the Public Garden is one of the city's other unique experiences.

5. Harvard Museum of Natural History Visit the university's most popular museum to view 12,000 specimens taken from Harvard's huge research collections.

6. Thomas Menino Park & Playground There are several fun play structures for youngsters to climb on at this playground, which is close to the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center.

7. The Lawn on D Live music performances, fascinating LED-illuminated circular (glowing) swings, and interactive art works are all included in this park.

8. Boston Harborwalk It is a nearly continuous, linear park and walkway that stretches along Boston Harbor, next to the Greenway and immediately over Atlantic Avenue.

9. Boston Common Wide open green areas may be found there, along with a bandstand, a carousel, a frog pond wading pool & playground, tennis courts, and a host of fairs & festivals.

10. Mapparium One of the main draws at the Mary Baker Eddy Library is the renowned, three-story, walkable stained-glass globe.

Several of these events and activities are either free or very inexpensive. I hope you enjoyed this guide.  Happy Travel!


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