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Best Story on Amboli Falls

By Santosh Salve

June 26, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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The Amboli waterfall may be found near Amboli Ghat in the Indian state of Maharashtra's Sindhudurg district. If you travel 1 km from Amboli, you can see it.

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It creates the Sahyadri Hills' southern range. On one side of Amboli, the Konkan seashore may be found, while the other three sides are covered in valleys.

Hill station

The well-known Amboli hill station, located in the Western Ghats and regarded as one of the world's Eco-hot spots, is well-known for its refreshing and enjoyable surroundings.

World’s Eco-hot spots

It contains a 400-foot waterfall, which is a popular tourist destination with young people.  It gets a lot of rain, and after the monsoon the hill station flowers.

400 ft high waterfall

Amboli is the wettest place in Maharashtra thanks to its over 750 cm of yearly precipitation. Small waterfalls decorate the ascent to the hill station at this time.

Wettest place

Colonel Westrop, a political operative for the British government, founded the Amboli hill station. From the seaside town of Vengurla, he opened the Ghat Road.

Who established it?

From Sawantwadi, Vengurla, Belgauma, and Ratnagiri, transportation buses are accessible. At a distance of 28 kilometres from Amboli, Sawantwadi is the closest railway station.

How to reach

The best time to visit Amboli is in the winter when the hills are transformed into a scene of breathtaking panoramas featuring cascading waterfalls.

Best time to visit  Amboli falls

Amboli is the ideal location for unwinding. Amboli is a delight to visit all year round due to its location on the Ghats and greatest rainfall.


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