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Most Exciting Things To Do In Tyler (Texas)

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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The largest city in northeastern Texas and the county seat of Smith is Tyler. Here are our recommendations for the top things to do in Tyler, Texas.

1. Visit Rose Garden Tyler Rose Garden is a breathtaking 14-acre groomed attraction with 35,000 rose bushes and more than 500 different rose species

2. Explore Caldwell Zoo The 85-acre area of the Caldwell Zoo is a terrific, enjoyable site for the whole family if you're seeking for top vacation spots

3. Go to Discovery Science Place It is a children's museum that uses interactive and hands-on activities to promote learning and curiosity.

4. Tyler Museum of Art It is a prestigious private gallery devoted to exhibiting both national and local artwork, including pieces by Texas artists.

5. Visit Animal Sanctuary There are over 40 rescued tigers, lions, leopards, and other wild cats living in natural environments at the 173-acre 'Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary'.

6. Go to Berry Farm Tyler Berry Farm, one of the exciting attractions for fruit enthusiasts and everyone who appreciates a fresh mouthful of produce, is conveniently located close to Caldwell Zoo

7. Visit Earth And Space Science Center It claims to be one of the largest planetariums in Texas and is a component of Tyler Junior College.

8. Camp Ford Historic Park Its sole purpose is to narrate Camp Ford's historical tales. The camp was the largest Confederate POW camp west of the Mississippi River during the American Civil War

9. The Children’s Park of Tyler Families with children of any age will find it to be one of the entertaining things to do in Tyler, Texas, but it is also a sombre, meditative, and healing place

10. Chamblee’s Rose Nursery It only makes sense that one of the exciting sites to visit in Tyler is connected to those wonderful flowers since the city is known as America's capital of roses!

In Tyler, Texas, there are lots of things to do, including attractions that are geared toward the great outdoors, history, animals, shopping, food, and culture.


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