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Top 10 Best Hikes in Zion National Park

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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It is nearly a given that a trek in one of America's national parks will be better than the average hike. Here is the list of the best hikes in Zion National Park!

10. Taylor Creek Trail In the Kolob Canyons region of the park, take the Taylor Creek Trail if you wish to hike through a canyon.

9. Northgate Peaks Trail The Wildcat Canyon Trail serves as the starting point for this Kolob Terrace walk, which then takes a southerly detour to the Northgate Peaks.

8. Wildcat Canyon Trail This route leads to the brink of Wildcat Canyon in Zion National Park's Kolob Terrace area after winding through ponderosa pine trees & open meadows.

7. The Narrows You will need a permit to trek The Narrows from Chamberlain's Ranch, but you may also explore The Narrows' charms by walking along the wheelchair-accessible Riverside Walk.

6. La Verkin Creek Trail It's a quieter, more rustic climb than most in the Kolob Canyons. Views of the Kolob Canyons may be seen while you relax in the quiet of a typically busy park.

5. Pa'rus Trail Pa'rus Trail is the place to go if you need a route that is accessible for those with disabilities, wish to ride, or have a dog.

4. Canyon Overlook Trail The trail concludes with a viewpoint above Pine Creek Canyon and lower Zion Canyon, & there are several, breathtaking drop-offs along the way.

3. Timber Creek Overlook Trail By hiking the Timber Creek Overlook Trail, you may get some of the greatest views of the canyons.

2. Watchman Trail The route is directly adjacent to the south gate, making it quite accessible, even though tourists rushing to see Angels Landing or The Narrows sometimes ignore it.

1. Lower Emerald Pool Trail The Emerald Pools are a popular destination for most tourists in Zion for a reason. The waterfalls in the park are spectacular.

The best way to view the park in its entirety is on foot. Petroglyphs and narrow slot canyons may both be accessed up close by hiking.  Happy Travel!


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