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10 Best Hikes In Great Smoky Mountains

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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There are numerous walks and paths in the Great Smoky Mountains to select from, but these are our picks for the top 10 best hikes in Great Smoky Mountains.

10. Middle Prong Trail It is 8.3 kilometres roundtrip, is fantastic for water views. Three separate waterfalls, as well as extras like cascades and lesser falls, are located along this walk.

9. Ramsey Cascades With a 2,190 foot elevation gain, the distance is 8.0 miles roundtrip. It is certainly worth it to hike at a more challenging level only to see the waterfalls.

8. Clingmans Dome Trail It's ideal for a morning run or leisurely walk. This route is one of the busier ones in the National Park & offers 360-degree vistas of the Smoky Mountains.

7. Gregory Bald The magnificent azaleas that bloom in June are the main draw of this 11.3-mile roundtrip climb. This trek is challenging because of the 3,020 feet in elevation gain.

6. Rocky Top/Thunderhead Mountain It is around 13.9 miles roundtrip in length, with a 3,665 foot height gain. Pass past wildflowers, lush meadows, and vistas of North Carolina.

5. Chimney Tops Trail It is approximately 3.3 miles one way. A very difficult trip, hikers should be aware that they must ascend more than 960 feet in the final mile to reach the peak.

4. Andrews Bald It used to be one of the most difficult trails, but after some necessary upgrades, it has become a little more safer.

3. Charlies Bunion The parking lot at Newfound Gap is where this trailhead is located. To see rugged 360-degree vistas of the mountains, hike the Appalachian Trail.

2. Mt. Cammerer This climb is more well-liked because of its short length, despite the fact that it is also slightly more difficult.

1. Mt. Leconte For breathtaking vistas you won't be able to forget, this climb is 11.0 miles roundtrip. There are several paths to ascend to this mountain, including the Alum Cave Trail.

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