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10 Best Hikes in Banff National Park

By Vanshika Navlani

Lake Guide Team

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One of the finest things to do in Banff National Park is hiking, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many tourists. Here is the list of the top 10 best hikes in Banff!

10. Helen Lake Long views down the valley may be seen when viewing the breathtaking panorama from the lake, especially from the slope above the lake.

9. Lake Annette As you get to Lake Annette, you'll be met with a breathtaking panorama of Mount Temple looming over the emerald-colored lake.

8. Johnston Canyon Johnston Canyon is a nice family trek. There is very little elevation gain and about a 1.5-mile roundtrip on the route to the lower falls.

7. Healy Pass This hike used to be more challenging since you had to ride a terrifying shuttle at a set time from the Sunshine gondola base to the ski slope.

6. Sentinel Pass A secret wonderland of Tamarack trees, little lakes, and sentinels made of rock may be found just above and to the right of lovely Moraine Lake.

5. Bow Glacier Falls It's probable that you may pause at Bow Lake to snap pictures as you go along the Icefields Parkway.

4. Plain of Six Glaciers Hikers who begin on the Shoreline Trail occasionally feel the need to explore the area near Lake Louise's southernmost point.

3. Lake Agnes Tea House The appeal of this hike is that you may pause at the tea shop to have a bite or drink and unwind while taking in the view.

2. Wilcox Pass The Wilcox Pass hike is located just before Parker Ridge on the Icefields Parkway heading towards the Athabasca Glacier Visitor Center.

1. Parker Ridge Parker Ridge is arguably the best hike in Banff National Park in terms of effort vs. reward.

The length, accessibility, and difficulty of hikes in Banff vary, so you should carefully examine your level of fitness before beginning.


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