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10 Best Hikes In Asheville

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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A dizzying variety of hiking opportunities abound in the hills and woods of Western Carolina. Here are 10 best hikes in Asheville to check off your Asheville hiking wish list.

10. Lookout Mountain The Lookout Trail climbs Lookout Peak in a quick, snappy half mile using wide stairs cut into the mountainside and rock climbing.

9. Max Patch The Appalachian Trail's Max Patch Meadow stretch is regarded as its most beautiful. The peak is rounded, grassy, and bordered by pastureland and undulating woodlands.

8. Hawksbill Mountain The craggy peak of Hawksbill Mountain offers one of North Carolina's most breathtaking panoramas.

7. Craggy Gardens Craggy Gardens, a heath plain of gray rock and pink-blooming rhododendron that rises 5,892 feet above sea level, is nearly reached via the Blue Ridge Parkway.

6. Waterrock Knob It is the ideal starting place for exploring the Plott Balsam Range since it has stunning vistas & easily accessible ridge trekking that unspools in both directions.

5. Shining Rock The top of Shining Rock's dazzling quartz formations is a stunning and uncommon sight, perched high in the Great Balsam Range.

4. Old Mitchell Trail Give yourself plenty of time to sit back and take in the world from that tall position, surrounded by sky and breathing in the cool mountain air.

3. Looking Glass Rock The granite monolith known as Seeing Glass Rock rises steeply from the rolling Pisgah National Forest waves like a freight ship.

2. Crabtree Falls Around forty different flower species cover the woodland floor, forming a glittering backdrop for the well-known Crabtree Falls Trail.

1. The Grandfather Trail The vistas from the first two summits are breathtaking, but the real prize is found at the top of Calloway Peak, the third and tallest peak at 5,946 feet.

You have a choice from this diverse, craft-beer-fueled city located inside a verdant basin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Happy Travel!


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