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Best Guide on Wular Lake

By Santosh Salve

June 27, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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Wular Lake is located between the villages of Bandipore and Sopore and provides a living for thousands of fishermen.

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The lake, which has a surface area of roughly 125 sq km, is considered to be one of Asia's biggest freshwater lakes.

Freshwater Lake

Being surrounded by hills covered in snow, this lake's natural beauty is absolutely indescribable.

Natural Beauty

Hindu mythology holds that the lake is thought to be the remains of the Satisar lake, which once flowed through the area in ancient times.


A significant habitat for the area's unusual birdlife is Wular Lake. One may view the many fish of the area while at Wullar Lake.

Wular Lake

The lake is quiet and serene over the majority of the year, although it is frequently inundated by snowmelt and large amounts of water coming in from Pohru stream.

The Gulf of Corpses, also known as Mota Khon, is the deepest portion of Wular Lake.  To lower the chance of drowning, local boaters and fishers typically steer clear of this area.

There are several chances for boating, fishing, and water skiing on the lake. To cruise along approved mooring spots, tourists can hire houseboats, sailing boats, and doongas.

The three most notable ones are in Ningal Kiuhnus Bay, Nullah, and Ajus Spur. Additionally, visitors enjoy the pleasures of shopping for woollen rugs in Bandipore.

Be aware that despite the lake appearing to be quiet, strong gusts can blow up in the Erin and Bandipur mountain gorges.


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