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Best Guide on Ponmudi Hills

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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The Trivandrum district's Ponmudi Hills, popularly known as the Golden Peak or the Kashmir of Kerala, is a hill resort.


Ponmundi Peak is an 1100m-high mountain that is a member of the Western Ghat mountain range. The breathtaking route to the hill station will enchant you.

Rejuvenating is the lengthy, twisting route across hills and valleys. Ponmudi Hill is the ideal retreat from the busy city life.

You will feel refreshed by the hill station's serene atmosphere. Ponmudi features hills and valleys covered with forests and home to tea plantations.

The Western Ghats' biodiversity benefits greatly from it. 283 different bird species and 323 different butterfly species can be found in the area.

The months of October through March are ideal for visiting Ponmudi Hills. Ponmudi Hills gets foggy throughout the winter.

The cool hill station turns into the ideal hideaway and is beautiful to look at. The shimmering Kallar river and the gleaming cascades are picture-perfect.

To reach Ponmudi Hills, there are no direct trains. The central railway station in Trivandrum is the closest station and is located about 55 kilometres away.

Places to Visit Within the Peppara Dam's catchment region is the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary. On the Karmana River, a dam was constructed.

Places to Visit The distance from Ponmundi to the lovely Golden valley is 16 kilometres. Golden Valley is the ideal setting for those who love the outdoors.

Places to Visit In Ponmundi Hills, the Mini Zoo is a well-liked tourist attraction. Barasingha and Swamp Deer are the two most popular animals at the zoo.

At Ponmudi Hills, there are numerous outdoor and adventure activities. For fans of adventure sports, it is a paradise.


Kanatal Hill Station

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