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H2O  Water Park

By Santosh Salve

June 26, 2022

Lake Guide Team

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Deogiri Resorts Pvt Ltd is the owner and operator of H2O Waterpark.  In Marathwada and the City of Aurangabad, it is the sole Waterpark.

Who owned H2O Waterpark?

It is attractively situated in the Daulatabad valley, gazing out over the well-known Devgiri Fort, on the road to the entrance to the renowned Ellora caves.

Where H2O Waterpark is located

The Waterpark is 14 acres in size and is 13 kilometres away. H2O Waterpark is located in Daulatabad and includes lush vegetation, palm trees, and coconut grooves.

Waterpark area

Tube rides and 40-foot Drop Slides. Children's Frog & Crocodile Slides at the Pirate Bay. Children's and adults' swimming pool.


There is plenty of (free) parking for buses, passenger automobiles, and motorcycles. Dry Areas and the restroom. trained lifeguards and security personnel.

Facilities at H2O Waterpark

Good food alternatives are available, and the level of hygiene is acceptable. The cost of the tickets is also affordable.  With friends and family, it's a great spot to hang out.

Hang out with friends

There is a place for exclusive dance. If you are travelling with family, you can reserve it.  On the rain dance floors, you can move to the music.

Private dancing section

Nearly 20 miles from Aurnagabad city, it is only 200 metres from the important Aurnagabad-Ellora ROAD. Good facilities allow for comfortable 3–4 hour stays.

How to reach

It is ideal for a day out to relax and escape the sweltering heat.  It offers the best rides. It's a great place to spend the weekend with the whole family.


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