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10 Best Greek Islands To Visit

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Greek has more than 200 islands to choose from, here in this guide we have compiled the 10 best Greek Islands to visit!

10. Kefalonia Kefalonia, one of the top Greek islands to visit, is the location of Captain Corelli's Mandolin and the home of Myrtos Beach.

9. Skopelos The pebble beaches of Skopelos are ideal if you don't want sand getting in your clothes or other belongings because it may be comfortable to rest on.

8. Hydra Athenians in the know like Hydra, a tranquil island near to the capital. Since the 1950s, the town has served as a source of inspiration for authors and artists.

7. Santorini In the Aegean Sea, Santorini is a Cyclades island. A volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC completely destroyed it.

6. Lefkada You don't have to be a sailor to think of visiting Lefkada. By taking a floating bridge, one may get from the mainland to this Ionian island.

5. Mykonos Since the 1960s, when Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, also Jackie Onassis all had vacations here, Mykonos has been the Aegean's premier destination for the jet set.

4. Rhodes The ideal Greek island for families is without a doubt Rhodes. There are several days out away from the sand, safe swimming, and easy flights from the UK.

3. Corfu One of the greenest Greek islands, Corfu is easily accessible by direct flights from the United Kingdom.

2. Skiathos In this region, which is home to some of Greece's most picturesque beaches, bottle-green pines fall from the steep interior to reach the Aegean.

1. Crete The largest island in Greece, virtually meets all criteria. Its southern location offers it the longest summer of any Greek island as well as some of the hottest winters in all of Europe.

While Mykonos and Santorini may be the obvious show-stoppers, there are many additional headliners in the Greek islands.  Happy Travel!


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