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10 Best Botanical Gardens In USa

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Although our nation has several breathtaking botanical gardens, getting there isn't always simple for most city dwellers. Check out these best botanical gardens in the USA!

10. Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY This 52-acre botanical park, which is more than a century old, offers Brooklyn residents a very lovely dose of greens.

9. Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, FL Visitors may unwind on a seat at the edge of the park and take in the expansive views of the 250-acre Lake Kanapaha.

8. Fort Worth Botanic Garden The main garden is free to enter, and the 110-acre site comprises 22 gardens with 2,500 different plant types.

7. Allerton and McBryde Gardens, Kauai While they are not urban gardens, if you chance to be on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, you should pay them a lengthy, leisurely visit.

6. United States Botanic Garden The garden, which only covers a few city blocks, is a small yet peaceful haven in the shadow of the US Capitol.

5. Washington Park Arboretum It's a good idea to bring a camera if you're going to be taking pictures of the whole thing.

4. Missouri Botanical Garden Among the gardens are an observatory from the Victorian era, one of the largest Japanese gardens on the continent & a Turkish garden that looks like a Mediterranean home

3. New York Botanical Garden In addition to 50 acres of conserved forestland and 50 gardens with more than a million different plant species, the park's total area is more than 250 acres.

2. Atlanta Botanical Garden There are exhibits of global flora both indoors and out, including more than 20 species of carnivorous plants & more than 2,000 different kinds of orchids.

1. Filoli Botanical Garden This is the perfect location for individuals who wish to imagine they are in a fairy tale, as it is looked after by 14 full-time horticulturists.

Go visit one of America's top botanical gardens; you may have one or two in your backyard.  Happy Travel!


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