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9 Best Attractions of Typhoon Texas Waterpark

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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Visit this place to enjoy exhilarating rides, delectable food and beverages, cozy private cabanas, and more. Here are the best 9 attractions of Typhoon Texas Waterparks.

1. Tidal Wave Bay 375,000-gallon pool with three-foot waves! Sit in the shallow part or take a tube and head to the deeper end to ride the tides every 10 minutes.

2. The Snake Pit Like a West Texas Rattler, these double and single tube slides whirl and swirl. Find out which slide has the largest bite by trying each one out!

3. The Gully Washer The Rain Fortress contains more than 100 spray spots, 8 platforms, seven distinct slides, elevated walkways, rope bridges, & a brand-new splash pad for kids.

4. The Duelin' Daltons Here you may enjoy The Bullchute (Yellow), The Shootout (Green), The Gunslinger (Blue), The Bronc Buster (Tube) & The Mutton Buster (Poolsider).

5. Monster Storms The Twister exhilarating family raft attraction mixes the best of a twisting waterslide with the rush of white-water rafting! It was the first of its sort to be constructed.

6. Lone Star Racers A head-on race against pals through a meandering loop that concludes with a soaring conclusion. Limitations on Height: 42" and Maximum Weight: 300 pounds

7. Lazy T River If you're not looking for excitement, this is the best place to unwind. 480,000 gallons of clean water are available for you to float in the day.

8. Howdy Hollow While watching the kids play, unwind and relax by the pool. Our Howdy Hollow activity pool offers enjoyment to everybody.

9. Buckaroo Bayou The smallest Typhooners will love these little slides and splash pads. At Buckaroo Bayou, everything is awesome, clean for the kids, FUN!

So, these are the best 9 attractions of the Typhoon Texas Waterpark. I hope you've enjoyed reading this guide. Happy Travel!


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