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10 Best attractions at Griffith Observatory

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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A landmark in Los Angeles, the free Griffith Observatory offers sweeping vistas and intriguing displays. Check out these 10 best Attractions at Griffith Observatory.

1. View stunning panoramas of LA For breathtaking views, visit the East or West Terraces at the Griffith Observatory or the rooftop there.

2. View the top-notch Planetarium There is no charge to enter the Griffith Observatory; however, there is a charge to see the planetarium performances.

3. Piece of the Moon Griffith Observatory allows yout to view a piece of the moon that the Apollo 14 crew brought back.

4. Meteorite from Mars The 183-pound Bruceville Meteorite and a meteorite from Mars are both visible here.

5. Watch Live Face of the Sun Utilize the robust telescopes that are accessible to the general public to observe the sun's real face.

6. Model of an Eclipse You are able to view an overhead model of an eclipse at Griffith Observatory.

7. Seismograph Watch an earthquake seismograph in action. ----------------------------------------

8. Rotation of the Earth Watch the renowned Foucault Pendulum, which illustrates how the Earth rotates.

9. Sparking Demonstration Watch a stunning display of high-voltage sparking. ----------------------

10. Cosmic rays In a Cloud Chamber, observe how cosmic rays are launched towards the planet. -------------------

Hollywood productions frequently use the Griffith Observatory as a backdrop. The stunning dancing scene for the Oscar-winning film La La Land is among the most well-known (2016)


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