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10 Reasons to visit Stone Mountain Park

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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The standard gauge Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad travels in a loop around Stone Mountain Park and offers views of the mountain along the way

1. The lights are coordinated to upbeat music and breath-taking fireworks. The ideal way to end a day at Stone Mountain Park is with this activity

2. The Skyride aerial tram or a 1.6-kilometer trail on the mountain's west side can take visitors to Stone Mountain's peak

3. A few hours can be spent around the Crossroads neighbourhood dining, shopping, and seeing live performances

4. Stone Mountain is a fantastic location for a celebration, family gathering, or workplace picnic. -----------------

5. While admiring the faces carved into the rock, learn a little about its past. They, who? Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E. Lee

6. On a clear day, the mountain's summit offers views of the surrounding area, including the skyline of downtown Atlanta, as well as bare rock and rock pools

7. There are a tonne of other sights and activities in addition to these two sites. A must-see throughout the summer is the Lasershow Spectacular, an outdoor light show

8. Additionally, there is a wildlife reserve, an excellent and educational antebellum plantation, a swimming beach, two golf courses, and two Civil War museums

9. There are many places to stay overnight if you want to extend your trip, including a campground, a hotel, a resort, and a number of dining options

10. Since the park is open all year long and is difficult to get by public transportation, it is recommended that you drive.

So, friends, this is the basic information on Stone Mountain Park and reasons to visit this place. If you liked this information then please share it.


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