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The 10 Best Things to Do in Kauai, Hawaii

By Malvika Kashyap

Lake Guide Team

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The lush flora, golden sand, and crystal-clear seas of Kauai are hard to get sick of; there are several things to do in Kauai, Hawaii.

1. Go to Waimea Canyon If you are traveling to Kauai, you must do it. But anybody who visits the canyon has to pay both entrance fees and parking fees.

2. Snorkeling Snorkeling is one of the nicest things to do with your friends and family, especially with kids who are at ease in the water.

3. Helicopter Tours As you travel over canyons, waterfalls, beaches, sea cliffs, and other features of Kauai, you can see the island clearly from above and feel the breeze.

4. Polihale Park Camping Locals and visitors may camp out for the whole weekend in Polihale State Park, where they can enjoy the beautiful sunsets, ATV access, campfires.

5. Cliff Jumping You may replicate the action-movie sensation of leaping from a cliff into the glistening seas below close to Shipwreck Beach.

6. Alekoko Pond It has been the focus of intriguing tales and eerie accounts. You won't want to pass up the chance to see this fabled site for this reason.

7. Train Tour The entire family may enjoy the Kauai Railway as a destination. The approximately 40-minute train trip passes through an outdated sugarcane farm.

8. Ziplining If you're seeking exhilarating activities, Kola Ziplines is the place to go because it has the longest zipline route on the entire island.

9. Horseback Riding When you travel to Kauai with your family, you must take the equestrian tour at Silver Falls Ranch.

10. ATV Tours Riding an ATV is an exciting experience that gives you a fresh perspective on the landscape. There are several businesses that provide ATV trips all across Kauai.

Whether you're traveling with an older or younger bunch and whether you're seeking excitement or leisure will determine the ideal thing to do in Kauai.


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