A complete guide on Lakes
A complete guide on Lakes

These Lonar Lake Mythology Stories can make you feel amazed

Want to know about Lonar Lake and its mythology? Here we have Lonar Lake Mythology stories that can make you feel amazed and increase your interest in the world-famous Lonar Crater. Enchanting tales of Lonar Lake, where idols of Gods and their temples are situated!

Lonar Lake, a marvel of nature, is as important as it is geographically as well as culturally. Because whether it is NASA, Geological Survey of India (GSI) or Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), scientists from all these big institutes are coming here to study; But at the same time, a large number of devotees who are devotees of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva also gather at this place.

This place is also popular for children’s picnics. Every year during the Navratri festival, this place feels like a pilgrimage. Therefore, this lake has definitely gained special importance. And because of this importance, let us now try to find out how this lake was mentioned by our ancestors in the scriptures and in the culture.

What is mentioned in Lonar Lake mythology stories

Lonar Lake is also mentioned in Rigveda and Skanda Purana. Apart from that, information about Lonar Lake can also be found in Padma Purana and Ain-i-Akbari. So, friends, let’s see how our ancient scriptures and Puranas refer to this Lonar lake.

How Lonar Lake was formed according to Hindu Purana

It is believed that a monster named Lavanasur terrorized the area many years ago. He used to harass people and saints all over the area.

And just to kill him, Lord Vishnu took incarnation here and killed that Lavanasura. It is believed that the name “Lonar” is derived from the name of this Lavanasura.

In temples around Lonar Lake, we can see the idols; the demon Lavanasura is also seen joining hands and asking for salvation under the feet of Lord Vishnu. The interior of the temple is fully carved with carvings of Lavanasura and Ganga Bhogwati.

There is another legend associated with this Lavanasura demon. When this Lavanasura was killed by Lord Vishnu, the blood of that demon got spread on the feet of Lord Vishnu.

And to wipe that blood, Lord Vishnu rolled his thumb hard into the soil. And there is a belief among the people that the Lake of Lonar was formed at the place where Lord Vishnu put his thumb in the soil.

Myths associated with Lonar Lake (Crater)

According to the story mentioned in Skanda Purana, a demon named Lavanasur lived in this area. The people were greatly distressed by his constant atrocities. To get rid of this people worshipped Lord Vishnu.

Lonar Lake Mythology | Daityasudan Temple, Inside View
Lonar Lake Mythology
Daityasudan Temple, Inside View

Then Lord Vishnu created a handsome young man and named him Daityasudana. This Daityasudana went to Earth and lured both the sisters of Lavanasura into his love trap.

Daityasudana’s plan worked when both sisters fell in love with Daityasudana. Then, with the help of these two, Daityasudana opened the big entrance to the cave where Lavanasur was hiding.

This was followed by a fierce battle between Daityasudana and Lavanasura. And in this battle, Lavanasur was killed by Daityasudana. At present, the entire area around Lonar Lake is considered to be the cave of Lavanasura.

It is believed to be the gateway to the cave that can be founded at Daatephal village, about 36 km from Lonar. It is also mentioned in the Puranas that the blood of Lavanasura means the salty water of this lake. According to mythology, the flesh of Lavanasura can be found in the water of a lonar lake.

There is also a well on the side of the lake which is half salty and half sweet. After killing Lavanasura, Daityasudana rubs his bloody thumb on that place. And it is said that the pit which was created by Lord Daityasudana rubbing his thumb there has now been transformed into a well.

Mythology says Lonar Lake is the creation of God

Lonar Lake Mythology | Depiction of Lord Vishnu Killing Lavanasur Demon
Lonar Lake Mythology | Depiction of Lord Vishnu Killing Lavanasur Demon

According to another story, there is a slightly different twist. Lord Vishnu incarnated on earth to expose the atrocities of this Lavanasura.

At that time there was a fierce battle between Lord Vishnu and the demon Lavanasur. And in that battle, Lord Vishnu picked up Lavanasura to kill him and hit him hard on the ground.

Shri Vishnu hit that Lavanasura on the ground so hard that due to his collision a big hole fell on the ground and he was buried in the giant ground. All these legends are also found in the sculptures of various temples in Lonar Lake.

According to another mythology, Lavan means salt, so the lake must have been named Lonar because of the large amount of salt inside. Researchers also claim that the Nizam of Hyderabad extracted salt from the lake.


This important lake is mentioned as one of the seven wonders of Maharashtra in 2013. These seven wonders include Global Pagoda, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) Station, Daulatabad Fort, Kas Pathar, Raigad Fort, Lonar Lake and Ajanta Caves. All these seven wonders are very glorious for the Maharashtra state of India.

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